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Captains Corner

The Captains Corner is your direct link to hearing from Capt. Justin who will  share all the latest updates and insights. 


Here, you'll find all the needed information, including real-time updates, seasonal expectations, and firsthand reports from recent trips.


Join us as we navigate the waters, sharing the excitement of each journey! Stay informed, and stay connected with us through the Captains Corner.

Trip Tips From The Captain

What to Bring on Board
  • Please consider bringing these standard personal items with you to the boat to ensure the best day possible:

    • Sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, Hats, Sunglasses, and Weather appropriate clothing (sunburn ruins good days!)

    • Snacks for the day (lunch will be provided on trips 8 or more hours)

    • Drinks of choice (no alcohol please). Don’t bring water as it is provided.

    • Towels, getting wet or slimy is part of fishing!

    • A playlist of preferred music downloaded to a Bluetooth capable device if jamming to your tunes is something you want. (Private trip only)

    • A positive attitude! Fishing is not a gimme, you can rest assured the crew on board will work tirelessly to get you to the right spot and help you to have a day full of action!

What to Leave at the Dock
  • Alcohol, while we all enjoy a good cold beverage, lets save it for celebrating a good fishing day once safely back at the dock! The main reason for any safety issues occurred on a charter is due to alcohol while on board. Remember, we are going out to make lifetime memories, so let’s make sure we can remember them!

  • Water, the boat will be equipped with ample drinking water for all on board.

  • Personal coolers, we provide iced down coolers ready to have your items put in. Too many coolers clutter our fishing and walking areas. (very small personal coolers that can be stowed below are ok)

  • Lunch, on charters 8 hours or more a lunch will be provided. A grill is on board, and we will bring something to put on for the guests aboard, but even better if we can grill some fresh fish that was just caught!

Please Contact the Captain About
  • Bringing personal rods with you. We will provide all necessary equipment for a successful day on the water. More rods can quickly clutter a deck and make fishing harder for everyone. If you have a favorite rod you want to bring or specialty fishing equipment (fly rod, slow pitch, etc.) Please reach out to ensure that it can be brought without affecting the overall fishing experience!

  • If you have any special requests (lunch menu, special needs, specific requirements) reach out and we can discuss how to best accommodate you and the crew, so everyone has the absolute best experience possible!

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