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Uniting Veterans and Casting Hope

At Reel Redemption, we are dedicated to honoring and supporting our Active Duty and Military Veterans through the therapeutic and transformative power of fishing. Our non-profit organization is committed to providing memorable and healing fishing charter trips to veterans, fostering camaraderie, and creating lasting connections with the great outdoors.

We believe in the profound impact that nature and the art of angling can have on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our Active Duty and Veteran Communities. Through our guided fishing experiences, we strive to offer a respite from the challenges faced by our heroes, providing them with moments of joy, relaxation, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Our mission extends beyond the waters, as we actively seek to raise awareness about the unique needs of military veterans and the therapeutic benefits of recreational fishing. By building a community that values the well-being of those who have or are currently serving our nation, Reel Redemption aims to contribute to the ongoing journey of healing and redemption for our Military Communities.

Join us in our mission to cast away the burdens of the past and reel in a brighter future for those who have selflessly served our country. Together, we can make a meaningful impact, one cast at a time.


Meet The Team

McKeans Horizontal.jpg


Andrew & Cindy McKean


Andrew and Cindy's passion for the water is only surpassed by their dedication to serving others. With a deep love for the ocean and a commitment to giving back, they founded Reel Redemption, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting veterans.


Through their shared love of fishing and water activities, Andrew and Cindy have created a platform that not only brings joy to their own lives but also allows them to make a meaningful impact by providing Veterans with unique and therapeutic experiences on the water. 

Justin Horne

Captain Justin Horne is a Florida native who has spent his entire life fishing the Gulf Coast. Well versed in all aspects of offshore fishing, he is as comfortable hitting our plentiful reefs in search of snapper as he is trolling Bluewater for our area’s wide variety of pelagic species. Capt. Justin is a family man with a wife and three daughters and prioritizes safety of the vessel and all on board every time the boat leaves the slip. Don't let that fool you though, he believes in having fun while on the water. Good conversation, fish stories, and friendly needling of those on board are commonplace with him!


As an active enlisted servicemember in the United States Airforce, Capt. Justin considers it the privilege of a lifetime running offshore trips to those serving alongside and those who came before him! Having landed just about every species the Gulf of Mexico offers, he is a captain to have confidence in when heading out for a day of fishing. Whether your dream day on the water is dropping baits to a tasty reef fish, or trolling Bluewater hunting for the elusive marlin, Capt. Justin will work tirelessly to make your dream fishing day a reality!



Rich Costello


Rich Costello is our Treasurer and works closely with our team to develop opportunities to support our Active Duty and Veteran Community and financial transparency to those who partner with Reel Redemption. Rich has spent his entire career in the healthcare industry serving patient needs and his commitment to service has allowed him to help found and serve various mission organizations since leaving the military.

As an Air Force service-connected veteran, who completed tours in Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Kuwait, he understands the needs and challenges veterans face. He works diligently to provide services to those who need it the most which is why he enthusiastically joined Reel Redemption and looks forward to meeting you and taking you on your next fishing expedition. Rich is blessed to have an incredible wife and three kids who share the same passion of serving others and have witnessed first hand the difference other veterans or organizations like Reel Redemption can make in their recovery process.



Jay Turner


Meet Jay Turner, our media and logistics coordinator. Jay is a service - connected Marine veteran who served a tour in Afghanistan during 2010. Inspired by a sense of duty, Jay later took his commitment beyond the Marine Corps to engage in missionary work globally, experiencing the profound impact of compassion and community on an international scale.


Now, Jay is dedicating himself to bring his passion and commitment to Reel Redemption where his contributions will cast a brighter future for our Active Duty and Veteran Community.


As a father of three, Jay draws strength from his amazing and supportive wife, recognizing the importance of family in the journey of service and giving back.


Our Fleet

Reel Redemption

The Reel Redemption is a Luhrs 380 open and our flagship vessel. Boasting a 41 ft overall length and a 15 ft beam, she is roomy and accommodating to all parties and trips. With an interior that provides creature comforts and protection from the sun, you are sure to find relaxation. The bridge has ample seating for all, a great place to chat with the captain and listen to music on the way to the fishing grounds! Stepping back to the cockpit you will find all the room needed for any style of fishing. Dropping baits to reef fish is a breeze on this boat.


Looking to trolling, the huge double spreader Rupp outriggers and center rigger allows for any type of technical trolling to draw those big pelagic fish into the spread! Don't forget the grill that will be on board to to prepare hot lunch (hopefully fresh fish!) while waiting on the bite. Underneath, she is powered by twin Cummins Diesels totaling 1000 HP and 560 gallons of fuel to get you to wherever the fish are located quickly! You are sure to have a blast onboard this sportfish, whether a half day nearshore trip or a specialty long range voyage of multiple days!

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